The online classroom you actually look forward to logging into

...even the introverts among us!

Many online courses are exciting at first, but the spark quickly fades when you realize how tedious it is to go it alone. That’s really what “self-guided” and “at your own pace” mean, right?

It gets lonely. And boring. And time-consuming.

When you join Cosmic Storytellers, you’re getting a family of like-minded folks looking to expand their knowledge and take control of their futures. Whether you want to read your own story in the stars, eavesdrop on the unfolding of history, or make astrology part of your profession, you’re in the right place.

In this judgment-free zone, all questions are welcomed. Astro-newbie and seasoned astrologers alike will gain clarity and confidence through our regular virtual meet-ups.

You’ll have access to incredible, easy-to-understand resources.  But, unlike other courses that leave you on your own, the Cosmic Storytellers Club offers you a supportive, interactive, and private community. You’ll have instant access to engaging peers, interesting conversations, and an instructor invested in your success.

No more going it alone. No more confusion and chaos. No more putting yourself and your interests last. 

You can’t fail with this kind of support. 

And, if in the unlikely event that you do have a change of heart, you can cancel anytime. No hard feelings. 

Live Meetings

Can't make it? Catch the video highlights Monday evening!

  • Monday Morning Mastermind

    Grab a cup of coffee and your astrology calendar. Dive in with us every other Monday at 11:30 am ET

  • Saturday Study Group

    Monthly class - First Saturday of the month
    11:00 am ET
    (10 Saturdays/year)

Only $8.00/month - holy fire balls!

Celebrate the launch of the Cosmic Storytellers Club with this super low monthly rate. As the library and community grow, the monthly subscription will increase. You'll stay locked in at this rate for as long as you keep your subscription active. But hurry, because this deal won't last forever!

Benefits of Membership

Here are the perks you get when you join Cosmic Storytellers Club:

  • Live Mastermind meetings - regular check-ins with the astrological calendar, so we can all get our bearings.

  • Live study group meetings - learn about charts and get your questions answered.

  • Meet the Planets • self-study astrology course for beginners.

  • Private community - engage with your peers and classmates, free of noise and "social" distractions.

  • (Coming Soon) Selected previews from the advanced Learning Library.

  • (Coming Soon) Library of classes and resources from the Saturday study group and elsewhere.

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