Every astrologer needs a way to keep up with the changing times.

Get your astrology calendar right where you need it. Save yourself time, money, and hassle through all 12 months of 2022!

Digital and printable astrology calendars

"This totally saves me from having to get out my pocket astrology calendar."

You schedule your appointments on your phone. Why not have your astrology calendar there, too?

  • Built right into your day-to-day calendar
  • Huge time saver 
  • Works in any time zone 
  • Painlessly convert between time zones 
  • No more toggling back and forth between your daily calendar and the ephemeris!
  • No more hand-entering the dates on your schedule!

Bonus: great printable PDFs... like Molly's printable color-coded forecast calendar

Get astrology updates right where you need them

Put this annual calendar on all of your favorite devices…

Instantly check what’s up in the sky… in YOUR time zone…

And choose your moment to take action.

Molly’s Astrology Calendar puts the daily, weekly, or monthly astrological “weather” at your fingertips, making it easy to plan your life and set appointments for the most auspicious time.

2022 astrology calendar

Molly's Astrology Calendar features

  • Works in any time zone

    ... and even travels with you!

  • Preview the calendar events

    Astrology/Moon Calendar

  • Easy setup options

    Import or sync the astrology of 2022 into any device that supports iOS Calendar, Google Calendar, or Outlook.

Here’s what’s included in Molly's 2022 and 2023 Astrology calendars

  • Solar Eclipses and Lunar Eclipses

  • Moon signs and phases, Full Moon, New Moon

  • Moon void of course calendar with dates and times

  • Sun signs, Venus signs, Mars signs, and outer planet sign ingress

  • Daily aspects between planets

  • Stationary retrograde and direct

  • Mercury retrograde and other major retrogrades, with shadow dates and times

  • *NEW* printable 2022 calendars and time map

  • In-depth user guides

  • Friendly, live, human tech support

Hey there! I’m Molly Gauthier. I teach astrology and practice medical astrology. And I’m the author of this calendar.

If you’re as into astrology as I am, you know that the when is almost as important as the what. It just makes sense to have astrological information handy when you’re making appointments and plans.

I’ve been a practicing astrologer for over 20 years now– and this calendar has been a valuable tool in my practice since I made the first one for myself in 2013.

The problem with a paper astrology calendar

I used to keep my paper astrology calendar by my desk. I would take it with me in my bag and drag it out anytime I wanted to plan an important appointment or meeting.

It’s hard to fumble with a paper calendar AND enter an appointment on my Google Calendar on my desktop or phone.

My astrology calendar got all beaten up in my bag. And (let’s be honest) half the time, I forgot to pack it.

It just makes more sense to have all these astrological events right there on my phone, so I’ll never miss a Libra Moon when I’m scheduling my next haircut. I’ll know exactly when Mercury goes retrograde. I’ll make sure the planets will be in supportive alignments when I go for a medical checkup, promote my business, or take a trip out of town.

That’s why I created this astrology calendar that goes everywhere with you!

Here's what people are saying about Molly's Astrology Calendar

“I use the calendar to set appointments and to time when to release our marketing e-newsletters. What’s the point of sending out a marketing blast during a moon void of course?!”

Diana Pepper, co-owner, Tree Frog Farm flower essences

“Certain moons make me moodier than others, so your moon calendar is especially helpful to me.”

Deborah Beckwin, Writer & Editor

“I love being able to pop into it and see Oh, the moon is VOC right now. I won’t set up that Facebook Ad. I’ll wait a few hours so I know it has a little more oomph.”

Dani Collins, Romance Author

“It’s a detailed picture of the sky for each day. It allows you the opportunity to know planetary shifts that will affect you and everyone you know. It will allow you the knowledge to treat yourself and others in ways that are more gentle and humane as you understand how planetary energies can affect peoples lives.”


“Really helpful in terms of recognizing patterns in your life (“This astrological event was happening and it manifested in my life in X way.")”


“Having moon cycles and other planetary events show up in my daily calendar really helps me stay aware of current cycles.”