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    No time for astrology jargon? Just grab your color-coded calendar with easy to read "flair" pointing out the best days to schedule the most important tasks on your list.

  • Printable worksheet

    Download detailed notes on the astrological weather every 2 weeks, so you can refer back whenever you need to.

  • Video forecast

    10 minutes a week is all you need! Get out your planner and review the video forecast 2 weeks at a time.

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  • Cosmic Storytellers Library

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    Bonus astrology-related downloads, selected astrology classes, and course previews that I think you'll enjoy!

  • Meet the Planets • Self-study course

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    (Included in your membership for a limited time!) Learn the basics of chart interpretation, step by step. Explore the meanings of the astrological planets in your birth chart.

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Monday Morning Planning Jam

Every other Monday, 11 am ET (10 am CT, 9 am MT, 8 am PT)

Stop wasting your precious time and energy!

Plan your next business move by the stars

  • Connect regularly with a group of cosmic buddies
  • Align your efforts with the best timing
  • Optimize your results

Some of us wear a lot of hats in our business. We do creative work, administrative work, marketing and promotion, customer relations and communication.

What if you knew the best times to do important activities like:

  • Creating content
  • Publishing content
  • Releasing a product
  • Graphic design and art
  • Relationship building, team building
  • Action and decision making
  • Planning and strategizing
  • Teaching and learning
  • Banking and purchasing
  • Marketing, promotions
  • Communications
  • and (most importantly) when to pull back and chill out!

Creators, practitioners, marketers, and other cosmic-minded professionals will get practical, useful planning guidance on a regular basis. I'll crack the code for you, so that you can align your efforts with the cosmic flow.

 Astro-newbies and seasoned astrologers alike will find clarity, confidence, and friendship through our regular live meetings.

Can't make the meetings? Get the highlights-- everything you need to know on video after the meeting.

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Benefits of Membership

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  • Download our super-simple monthly planning calendars

  • Download or print our detailed forecasting notes every 2 weeks

  • Get invited to the Monday Morning Planning Jams

  • 20(ish)-minute closed-captioned video forecast every 2 weeks

  • Bonus Library of videos and downloads

  • Private community free of "social" intrusions and distractions

  • (for a limited time) Meet the Planets self-study course in beginning astrology

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