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You schedule your appointments on your phone. Why not have your astrology calendar there, too?

  • Super convenient! Astrology events in your digital world
  • Huge time saver 
  • Works in any time zone 
  • Painlessly convert between time zones 
  • No more toggling back and forth between your daily calendar and the ephemeris!
  • No more hand-entering times and dates on your schedule!
  • No more dragging a paper calendar around in your bag!

Bonus: great printable PDFs... like Molly's printable color-coded forecast calendar

You'll love this time saving astrology calendar package!

Put this annual calendar on all of your favorite devices…

Instantly check what’s up in the sky… in YOUR time zone…

And choose your moment to take action.

Molly’s Astrology Calendar puts the daily, weekly, or monthly astrological “weather” at your fingertips, making it easy to check the astrology and set appointments for the most auspicious times.


  • Portable and convenient

    Easy installation. Seamless integration with Google, iOS Calendar, Outlook, all year long.

  • Has the information you want

    Accurate and comprehensive astrological data for students and professionals.

  • Control your view

    Flexible options give you complete control of your calendar view. Show or hide specific sections anytime.

Digital astrology calendars

Astrology on your desktop and mobile

  • Choose between text and glyphs (Mercury or ☿)

  • Planet ingresses, aspects, and retrogrades

  • Moon signs, lunations, Moon void of course

  • Optional minor aspects calendar

  • "Busy" Moon VOC calendar (for appointment setting apps like Calendly and Acuity!)

  • Easy, convenient, informative

  • Live, friendly, and fast online support, if you need help getting up and running.

BONUS: Green means Go

Print all all 12 months of 2024

I use this calendar every day in my astrology practice. But you don't have to be an astrologer to use it! Simple color codes help you find the most important "landmarks" and navigate the ups and downs of 2024, even if you're a newcomer to astrology.

Blank printable monthly calendars are also included if you prefer to create your own.

printable 2024 astrology calendar pdf

What's in the 2024 astrology calendar package?

    1. Welcome to Molly's Astrology Calendar

    2. How to disable weekly emails

    1. Subscribe to shared calendars

    2. Shared calendar help links

    1. Overview ⚠️ (How to NOT mess up your schedule)

    2. ⬇️ Download 2024 Calendars here

    3. 🍏 Import to Apple iOS Calendar (iCal) • step by step

    4. 🤓 Import to your Google Calendar • step by step

    5. Import to MS Outlook

    1. "Green Means Go" Color-coded forecast calendar

    1. Schedule a free 20-minute support meeting

    2. Pro tips - using the digital calendars

About this package

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Frequently Asked Questions
Not a problem! I offer complimentary help sessions to assist you getting everything set up. I can get most of my customers up and running in 20 minutes or less!
That's an excellent question! My calendar is based on Western astrology, which has its origins in ancient Greece. This is the type most commonly practiced in the USA and Europe. If you are working with Vedic astrology, which has its origins in India, this calendar is not for you. (If you are not sure which type, you're probably doing Western astrology!) The difference is in the Zodiac signs. Western astrology pins the signs to the seasons of the year, with the Sun entering Aries on the Spring Equinox in the northern hemisphere. The constellations have drifted in the last 2000 years, such that the Zodiac signs no longer line up with their corresponding constellations. The Vedic Zodiac signs do line up with these new positions.

About the author

Molly Gauthier

Head astrology nerd

Hey there! I'm Molly Gauthier. My love affair with astrology began in 1996. I have been making astrological calendars in some form since way back in 2006! I created my first digital calendar in 2013, and started offering it in the astrology community in 2014. I teach astrology courses and practice medical astrology, informed by my study and certification in functional nutrition therapy.

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