Course curriculum

    1. Course syllabus

    2. New Student Survey: Tell me about you!

    3. Astrology Flash Cards

    1. Class 1: Introduction to Aspects

    2. How to TURN OFF the aspect lines in

    3. Chart practice: Conjunction interpretation formula

    1. Class 2: The Aspects • Part 1 - Intro, conjunction, opposition

    2. The Aspects • Part 2 - Square, trine sextile, inconjunct

    3. The Aspects • Part 3 • Wrap-up and discussion

    4. Chart Practice (a.k.a. homework)

    5. Reference: Opposite sign pairs

    1. Class 3: Aspects and the geometry of the signs

    2. Mode and element of the signs

    3. Chart practice: DIY aspect lines

    4. How do you figure out aspects just by looking at a chart? (text version)

    1. Class 4: Constructive interpretation

    2. Opening note: definition of stressful aspects

    3. Chart practice

    1. Take it a step further with these Books and Resources

    2. Share your valuable feedback

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